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A Night Out With My Bride

Last weekend, our friends Pat and Daniel Burke, invited us to a pre-season game as the Panthers romped the Redskins 47-3 (sorry, Pat). It was a great night in my hometown of Charlotte. Amy and I ate nachos and drank a big Coke. We were really living. After the umpteeth touchdown of the game, I shot a little footage with the digital camera:


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A Week In The Czech Republic

Wow, what an amazing week.  If you don’t know, Josiah Bancroft and I spent this past week in the Czech Republic speaking to a group of Czech, Slavik, and Polish university students and professionals (with an student ministry called KVZ) on the principles of grace and applying grace to our lives.  For me, it was a time of deep reflection of my own heart and how the Person and Work of Jesus is for me (and my marriage and my kids and my church and so on).  It was also a time to make new friends with folks who speak a different language than me and whose culture is vastly different from my own.  It was truly a blessing.  The Czech Republic is the most atheistic country in the world, so the students who follow Christ truly pay a price (awkward relationships with parents mostly).  To see their love for Jesus and their love for one another is really amazing and humbling to me.  There is so much to say, but instead, enjoy the videos below to get a feel of what this last week was like.  You may notice that a few of the videos are somewhat idiotic.  I began to notice that by the end of the week, I was more playful with my humor (something the Lord has always given me).  The cool thing about the gospel is that it frees me to not take myself so seriously.  The last video is something we watched at last night’s large group meeting.  It is a short film called “Most” and it was filmed in the Czech Republic and it is very powerful.  To see all of our photos, click here.

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A Day In The Czech Republic…

What a cool day. I am very humbled and grateful that I have this amazing opportunity to be here in the Czech Republic. Today we went to church, planted in 1996 by a group of grad students who came to faith in Christ through KVZ, the campus ministry organization that we will speaking with this week at their annual summer conference. The culture here is mainly atheistic because of the Communist government that was here through the last half of the 20th century. The Evangelical Christians makeup .05 percent of the population. Pretty different from the South in the USA!

After church, we ate lunch with our host family at the local mall and then went sightseeing around Brno. You can see our photos we took today by clicking here.

This will be the last blog entry I make until next Sunday, so pray for us and the people of the Czech Republic.

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In Atlanta…Going to Prague

Well, we made it on the first leg of this trip. We fly out of Atlanta at 7:30, on the plane for 9.5 hours and end up in Prague tomorrow morning at 11:00 (5:00 am Eastern Time). Saturday and Sunday will recoop days and then we end up at a camp outside Brno on Monday. The conference officially starts Monday night. Josiah will do the first lecture and then I’m up for the third lecture, which will be Wednesday night. The organization that we are meeting with is called KVZ, which is a Czech abbreviation for Christian Education and Life. I was reading their website which you can read by clicking here.

This may be the last time I have internet access, so the blog may be a little on the light side for the next week. Pray for us and I look forward to writing about my adventures in the next week.

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Last night, Larry King interviewed Steven Curtis Chapman and his family. This past May, the Chapman family tragically lost their 5 year old daughter when their 17 year old son accidently hit her with the family car in their driveway. The Chapman’s go to a sister PCA church in Franklin, TN. Let’s continue to pray for them as they on a daily basis must trust and rely on the Lord. There are 6 parts of the interview on Youtube, part 1 is below.

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Going to the Czech Republic

Tomorrow, Josiah Bancroft and I are flying to the Czech Republic to speak at a conference for Eastern European university students and university ministry leaders that are part of an organization called KVZ. This is their annual summer conference and we will be staying at a camp outside Brno, Czech Republic. The Czech Republic is the most atheistic country in the world, so your prayers would be much appreciated as Josiah and I speak on the principles of grace and how the gospel is truly good news. This is from the wikipedia site on the Czech Republic:

“The Czech Republic, along with Estonia, has one of the least religious populations in all of Europe. According to the 2001 census, 59% of the country is agnostic, atheist, non-believer or no-organised believer, 26.8% Roman Catholic and 2.5% Protestant.[20]
According to the most recent Eurobarometer Poll 2005,[21] 19% of Czech citizens responded that “they believe there is a God”, whereas 50% answered that “they believe there is some sort of spirit or life force” and 30% that “they do not believe there is any sort of spirit, God, or life force”, the lowest rate of EU countries after Estonia with 16%.[22]”

Also pray for my sleep. I don’t sleep that great here, so I’m just a little anxious of sleeping several time zones away. Amy and the boys are going to Memphis while I will be gone, so that’s good, near family and all. I won’t have internet access much of the time away, but when I do, I’ll try to blog and give a little update on what the Lord is doing over there. We get back on August 18. Thanks for your prayers.

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As my boys get a little older, I am exposing them to different genres of music. There is only so much “little kid’s music” a person can take. This week, it’s Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody”, Boston’s “More than a Feeling”, and the best song of all time, Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believing”.

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