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Mars Hill Church in Seattle hosted a debate on “Does Satan Exist?”.  You can watch it here.

One of the Pastors at Mars Hill wrote 8 observations of the debate, read it here.


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Penn Receives a Bible

I don’t know if you know who Penn and Teller are, but they are famous magicians who have been around since the 1980’s. They are known for their use of humor in their shows. These guys on a regular basis make fun of and mock guys like David Copperfield. In October of 1991, I was in New York City with a group of students from ASU and a few of us went to see Penn and Teller’s off Broadway show called, “Penn and Teller Rot In Hell” (don’t really know why that was the name of the show). During the intermission, Penn and Teller came into the audience to invite a few folks to be in their next routine. I was one of the folks they chose and I along with other audience members were in a routine called “Mofo, the Psychic Gorilla”. After the show, they hung out with folks in the lobby of the theater and they signed my program (in the photo below).

Why am I telling all of this? Because Penn is an atheist and he is a very well versed atheist. Recently, a man went to their show and gave Penn a Bible and he was touched by this man’s goodness and authenticity. There are many in the church who need to follow this man’s example.  Here is Penn’s response below.

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I saw this story this week and what an amazing story about grace, mercy and forgiveness.

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Quotes on Forgiveness

“God is the ultimate musician. His music transforms your life. The notes of redemption rearrange your heart and restore your life. His songs of forgiveness, grace, reconciliation, truth, hope, sovereignty, and love give you back your humanity and restore your identity.”
Paul David Tripp, A Quest for More (Greensboro, NC; New Growth Press, 2007), 145.

“Do you ever think that your sins are too bad, and that forgiveness for those sins requires you to get your act together first? If so, you don’t fear God. You are minimizing his forgiveness. You are acting as though his forgiveness is ordinary, just like that of any person or make-believe god. In contrast, the fear of the Lord leads us to believe that when God makes promises too good to be true, they are indeed true.”
Ed Welch, Running Scared (Greensboro, NC: New Growth Press, 2007), 195.

“The Cross is not simply a lovely example of sacrificial love. Throwing your life away needlessly is not admirable — it is wrong. Jesus’ death was only a good example if it was more than an example, if it was something absolutely necessary to rescue us. And it was. Why did Jesus have to die in order to forgive us? There was a debt to be paid — God himself paid it. There was a penalty to be born — God himself bore it. Forgiveness is always a form of costly suffering.”
Tim Keller, The Reason for God (New York, NY; Dutton, 2007), 193.

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Last week my son was in the ER (he’s fine), so I took a little break from The Stewart Blog. Sorry I forced my readers (all 11 of you) to look at the legend of speedo guy for the past two weeks. I will try to write some new posts this coming week. In the mean time, here is a post from last year:

If you are struggling with sin, maybe this Bob Newhart sketch could help.

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