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Penn Receives a Bible

I don’t know if you know who Penn and Teller are, but they are famous magicians who have been around since the 1980’s. They are known for their use of humor in their shows. These guys on a regular basis make fun of and mock guys like David Copperfield. In October of 1991, I was in New York City with a group of students from ASU and a few of us went to see Penn and Teller’s off Broadway show called, “Penn and Teller Rot In Hell” (don’t really know why that was the name of the show). During the intermission, Penn and Teller came into the audience to invite a few folks to be in their next routine. I was one of the folks they chose and I along with other audience members were in a routine called “Mofo, the Psychic Gorilla”. After the show, they hung out with folks in the lobby of the theater and they signed my program (in the photo below).

Why am I telling all of this? Because Penn is an atheist and he is a very well versed atheist. Recently, a man went to their show and gave Penn a Bible and he was touched by this man’s goodness and authenticity. There are many in the church who need to follow this man’s example. Here is Penn’s response below.


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A Pastor’s Prayer

“Lord, you have placed me in your church as an overseer and pastor. You see how unfit I am to administer this great and difficult office. Had I previously been without help from you, I would have ruined everything long ago. Therefore I call upon you. I gladly offer my mouth and heart to your service. I would teach the people and I would continue to learn. To this end I shall meditate diligently on your Word. Use me, dear Lord, as your instrument. Only do not forsake me; for if I were to continue alone, I would quickly ruin everything. Amen.”

–Martin Luther

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Last night, I went with the Grace Foothills Youth Group to see three bands play in Greenville, SC. We had such a good time. It was four hours of the loudest and most awesome head banging I have experienced since the night me and my brother saw Huey Lewis and the News play in Charlotte in the summer of 1985. Seriously, it was more awesome than Huey Lewis. Keith and Jessi Holmes are true head bangers (trust me, I was standing behind them). The three bands were Decipher Down, Disciple, and Skillet.

Here are some photos of us all before and after the show:
skillet 1skillet2skillet 3

They also did a Bon Jovi cover. John Cooper, the founder and lead singer of the band, explained what a “power ballad” is. And then they did this song. I started to cry. I think I was freaking Skylar out. If you can sit through this eight minute and twenty six second clip, we may have to sit down and talk about time management.

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New Music Wednesday

I discovered this band today, Frontier Ruckus. Good stuff.

And one of the benefits of watching American Idol tonight was hearing Jason Mraz.

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This has been a really hard week for me. After hearing the diagnosis on Luke, I kind of crawled into a hole from relationships, including Jesus. I am finding that I don’t do that well in crisis. Instead of reading my Bible and going to the Lord in prayer, I tend to channel surf. It was also a struggle to write a sermon this week. However, the passage I am preaching tomorrow is a very encouraging one (2 Cor. 5:1-5). It’s about Heaven. Always a good thing to remember. Walking with Jesus is a constant cycle of forgetting the gospel and then remembering the gospel. As of this moment (Saturday afternoon, 4:05 pm) I am feeling the love of Jesus for me. I am crawling out of my cave and I am ready to preach the gospel of grace tomorrow. This song by David Crowder has helped me get out of the cave and see Jesus a little more clearly.

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Sad News on Luke


We received the unfortunate news today that Luke has a very rare colon disease (the Docs don’t know what the cause is) and it’s not a matter of if, but when, his colon will have to be removed. Amy and I are very sad for Luke, but are hopeful. The Lord is refining my faith and love for Him. “Scott, do you trust Me?” “Yes, Lord, I trust you, but why?” “I can’t tell you the details right now, but please know that I love you, I love Amy, I love Jack, and I love Luke.”

Amy and I haven’t made any permanent decisions about the next steps. Do we go ahead with surgery this summer or do we wait until Luke is older to better grasp and understand the finality of removing his colon? We could really use your prayers as we look to the Lord for guidance. Thank you for praying this week for us. We are on this journey together.

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Pray for Luke’s Colon

Photo 49

We are leaving for Winston-Salem in a few minutes for a one year check-up and x-ray of Luke’s colon. Last April, he had surgery and currently has an illestomy. Please pray for us. Pray that the Lord would bring healing to his colon so that the docs could “redo Luke’s plumbing”. Thanks to the Carmona’s for giving us a free night at the Hampton Inn in Winston tonight. Luke’s appointments are tomorrow at 10:00 and 1:00. Thanks for your love for us and for your prayers.

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