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The Gospel is the Key to Change


I found this brief article today by Tim Keller called “The Gospel is the Key to Change”. If you’ve read Keller’s stuff, this won’t be new, but man, is it good to be reminded of the centrality of the gospel. My heart needs it everyday. How about you?


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Music That I’m Listening to…

First, Martin Luther’s Hymn adapted from Psalm 130, “From the Depths of Woe”.

And some other tunes that the Lord is using in me this week…

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This past Sunday, I preached a sermon on pursuing deep and authentic relationships driven by the gospel, namely that God pursues us as friends even all the while we were His enemies. The sermon was a little long and could have been so much longer because there is so much to say about the topic. I kept thinking of all kinds of other illustrations from some of my favorites films. I would like to post a scene from Good Will Hunting, but let’s just say there are some colorful words used that may deem that clip inappropriate for The Stewart Blog. So I chose this one instead.

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