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What drives change in us? Do I change out of guilt and fear or grace and love?


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3 ways to tell.

1. Your reaction when things fall apart.

Do you catch yourself saying, “God, why is this happening? I’ve done x, y, and z?” Do suffering, difficulty, and obstacles provoke “why?” questions predicated on your goodness or effort? You’ve been working so hard, reading your Bible, going to church, serving others . . . why would God let this happen to you now? If that’s your line of thinking, it reveals you believe God owes you. And that’s religion.

2. Your reaction to others.

Do you compare yourself, bad or good, against others? Do you belittle, mock, condescend, even if just internally? Do you resent others’ successes? Do you celebrate others’ failures? Do you really wish people would get their act together, or do you really wish people knew Jesus? Are you frequently annoyed, put out, irritated, embarrassed, or inconvenienced by others? The Gospel says that we are saved by sheer grace. Grace is a great leveler. Religion will always lead one to either despair (because you don’t measure up) or lead to pride (because you think you measure up and you compare your morality to others).

3. Your appraisal of Jesus.

Is he your greatest treasure? That’s the number one indicator of gospel-conformity. You may know right off the bat if this is true or not. For some, it’s true only sentimentally or religiously. You may think it’s true ultimately, but your time, talents, words, emotions, and bank account testify differently.

These are all heart issues. Anybody can get the behavior right. The Pharisees certainly did, and most of them did not know God.

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Luke’s Visit to the Surgeon

Yesterday, we all headed to Winston to meet with Luke’s surgeon. Two years ago, Luke received an illestomy for an unknown colon disease that he has. After two years of tests, we have come to a place where a new procedure is needed in order to move Luke along. We’ve asked many of you to pray for us that the Lord would give us wisdom. There were two options on the table. One option would be for Luke’s colon to be removed, which would be permanent. The other option would be a more conservative one in a procedure called a cecostomy. I found a video on Youtube that explains the procedure. Although the girl in the video has a different issue than Luke, the procedure and function of the procedure is the same.
Please continue to pray for us. If this is what is next for Luke, he would have this procedure in late June.

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The New Calvinism

Ok, I confess, I am a 5 point Calvinist. We Reformed folks sometimes get a bad wrap and are misunderstood. Here is an excellent article by a fellow church planter, Jonathan Dodson, on the resurgence of the New Calvinism. You can read it here.

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Music I am Digging

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