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Update on Luke

Luke’s surgery went very well. He was under for three hours and the docs did what they told us they would do. Now we wait. Wait for him to eat and wait for him to poop. When that happens, he can go home. They say he will be in for about 5 days. Although the surgery went well, Luke is sad. He has a tube coming out of his nose, which is uncomfortable for him. He’s not talking much. He has invented his own version of sign language which is actually pretty funny. He is still my Luke. Hopefully, tomorrow he will perk up some.


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Luke Goes in For Surgery

On Friday morning, June 25, our 7 year old son, Luke, will be having his second surgery in a two year process of treating an unknown colon disease that he has. Amy and I are hopeful, but we are anxious as well. We are just nor sure what the results are going to be after this procedure, but we are clinging to the promises of the Gospel. Jesus says that He is with us and we need to know His presence is with us in the midst of the struggle. Please pray for us and for Luke. I’ll be updating the blog throughout the weekend if you would like to check back in for an update. In the meantime, here is a brief video about the procedure Luke is having on Friday. His issues are different from the young girl featured in the video, but the procedure is the same.

And of course, I can’t leave you with only a video about a medical procedure. I’ve been listening to a band called Tenth Avenue North for the past few weeks. These guys “get” the Gospel. The quarters have dropped, even though they look as if they should be in our youth ministry at Grace.

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