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Grace Changes Everything

We are thinking and praying about doing this class at Grace Foothills this winter, beginning in January. It will most likely be on Tuesday nights in the GF offices in downtown Tryon.


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Toy Story 3 and Inception

Two of my favorite films from this past summer in one beautiful trailer:

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What Does “Organic Faith” Look Like?

We began a new sermon series at Grace called “Organic Church”. We are preaching through Paul’s letter to the Thessalonians. These folks were brand new Christians and Paul is writing them to encourage them in their new faith. As I was preparing the first sermon, it was evident to me that one of the folks who has been coming to Grace was a lot like these first century Christians. I first met Tam at the Halloween Stroll in Tryon in October of 2008. I liked him immediately. We had the same sense of humor (sarcastic) and we both felt like we had two gifts: tennis and stunt car driving. I am not good at either of those, but if I practiced, I think I would be really good at both.

Anywho, I sat down for an interview with Tam and we discussed his faith and his gradual involvement at Grace Foothills. Tam’s story is a great example of the kind of church that Grace Foothills desires to be in the Foothills community, a safe place where the Gospel is preached and lived out and where people can peek over the fence into the claims of Christianity without being guilted or manipulated. My friend, Erik Olsen, filmed and edited this piece and he did an awesome job. He is definitively an artist. Here is the video:

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The Soundtrack of My College Years

I am a very nostalgic person. I’m the guy who walks up to the house I grew up in and knocks on the door and says, “Hey, my name is Scott. I grew up here. Can I come in and look around?”

Every October, I get very nostalgic over my years at ASU. I loved the fall in Boone. Many of my favorite memories happened during those Octobers from 1988-1992. Here are a few songs that trigger those memories:

From 1988:

From 1989:

From 1990:
From 1991:

From 1992:

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Orphan Vs. Son

I have lived in the South my entire life (except for the 2 years I lived in Tampa, FL, which is not the “South”). As I look at the religious landscape of where I live, I see many Christians that have a disconnect with their faith and their real lives. The Christianity here is very cultural. In other parts of the States, you know who the non-believers are because they will either tell you or they don’t attend church. Not so in the South. Everybody (well, almost everybody) considers themselves a Christian, but really, what difference does it make in real life, in the nitty gritty of life? My desire in ministry is to see unbelievers winsomely challenged with the gospel and believers encouraged with the gospel and being set free from the wet blanket of legalism that is so pervasive in the South. One way to find out if I am an authentic believer clinging to the gospel is to ask this question: Am I living like an orphan or like a son/daughter? To flesh this out, click here and read through what characteristics an orphan has vs. the characteristics of a son/daughter who look to the gospel for their hope and identity.

There are many orphans living in the South who believe that they are sons/daughters. The bottom line for these folks is that they are depending on themselves to be their own lord and savior. Religion says, “If you obey, then you will be accepted.” The Gospel says, “You are accepted, now you can obey.” The Gospel is neither religion nor irreligion. The Gospel is the third way. Listen to Tim Keller answer the question, “What is the Gospel?” The man asking the question was trying to figure out if the “Christians” who stand on the corner and yell at people are really Christians at all. Keller’s answer is awesome.

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My Current Favorite Book and Current Favorite Song

I just finished reading a book called Church Planter by Darren Patrick. A must read for any church planter or pastor or an ordinary person in a church. Here is the book intro:

And, I can’t stop cranking the volume up on this song:

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