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Mumford and Sons

My new favorite band is Mumford and Sons. I know, I am a year behind. We opened the worship service with this song yesterday at Grace Foothills:


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Checking In…

I haven’t been blogging lately. I think I “overdosed” on the blog back in November/December when Luke was in the hospital. It’s healthy not to be a slave to something, you know?

It has been a crazy month and a half. Amy went to Uganda on January 8th for 12 days. And then it snowed and the boys were out of school for 5 days. I was surprised how the Lord really motivated me to be an engaged Dad with Luke and Jack.

I’m gonna be brief today. Just getting my feet wet, that’s all. So here are some things I am stoked about:

Amy’s Uganda Video:

A book, I just read on revival, “A God-Sized Vision”

And a band I just discovered:

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